Instrumental from Letterkenny, Ireland

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A one-man band from Ireland that produces ambient and instrumental sounds.


Stephen McKeever - all


I first started this music project back in 2008, where I worked mainly with the use of FL Studio. It was a way of expressing how I felt about everything, and in turn, became a kind of release. It would be cheesy to say that the whole idea of taking this musical espionage was the result of a loss, but it is true. However, in saying that, I felt like it was more of a hobby than anything, and that's what it became. I liked the idea of making music.

Five years later, and I'm still at it, but have departed the thoughts of using heavy rock as a basis for my music in favour of ambience and instrumental. I used the colors red and black a lot in album art back then to symbolize anger mostly, but that in turn changed also, for a more artistic approach, making use of image corruption, as seen in some of my album art.
In fact, corruption is a primary theme in my music now, as seen through the start, and end track, where it's mostly drone, and noise.

In terms of what I use to make the music, it is mostly created using DAWs, the likes of FL Studio, Garageband, Yellofier, Audacity, NanoStudio, and Figure. I find these to be very powerful instruments in an experimental artist's arsenal. However, I sometimes favor more obscure instruments, such as the harp for example, which is used in the track "B-Side", and also recordings of sounds, that are then mashed up and boiled in a wonderful stew of melodies and wackiness, as seen in the three bonus tracks of ADFFA.


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